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Custom furniture  
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We will develop a beautiful
and functional solution,
take into account all your wishes,
embody the ideas of the designer

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 Our manufacturing 
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 Made in Ukraine 

Your furniture will be made of high quality and proven materials

The quality of the materials used and approaches to work allow us to guarantee the finished product.
Egger logo, laminated chipboard and furniture tops
Blum logo, hinges, fittings, lifting and guiding systems for furniture
Rehau logo, MDF boards and accessories for cabinet furniture
Hettich logo, fittings and accessories for furniture
Kronospan logo, laminated and sanded chipboard for furniture
LuxeForm logo, facades, decorative panels and furniture tops
AGT logo, MDF boards, decorative panels for cabinet furniture
Alvic logo, fronts for cabinet furniture

Custom-made furniture

The choice of furniture is one of the main stages of measures for the arrangement of living quarters. And, it would seem, the variety of choices offered by the Ukrainian market makes it possible to choose the right option. However, ready-made models in the store, made according to one template, often do not fit at all in size or functionality.
Therefore, custom-made furniture is in increasing demand. It fully meets the needs and desires of the owner, and also corresponds to the characteristics of a particular room.

We understand why ordering a wardrobe or kitchen set is better than buying a ready-made kit. We learn about the advantages and nuances of choice.

Benefits of manufacturing
custom-made furniture

Not so long ago, the sale of upholstered furniture, wardrobes, custom-made bedroom sets seemed to be a special service, inaccessible to many. Today, the priorities of buyers have changed - more and more owners of apartments, studios and country houses are choosing interior elements created according to an individual project to equip their space. So why spend money on custom furniture when ready-made cabinets, tables and sets are available here and now? Here are five reasons why.

1/ Consultation of the designer will help with the choice

When ordering furniture according to individual parameters, a company engaged in the production of exclusive interior elements sends a design specialist to your home. Perhaps the owner of the house has an idea, but from idea to implementation, it is important to take into account a lot of nuances. It happens that the customer does not know what to choose. Therefore, he may need professional advice. The specialist will evaluate how the space looks like inside, give competent advice, taking into account the layout, size of the room, dissuade from bad decisions, talking about what consequences this can lead to.

2/ Exclusive design

Custom-made furniture according to individual sketches will allow you to create around you a unique space that fully meets your needs and tastes. The owner of the premises will not have to be content with the choice offered by catalogs of online stores and furniture showrooms of finished products. In this case, he will not get the interior he dreamed of, but a standard and faceless environment. With a talent for drawing, the customer can prepare a furniture sketch himself, bring it to a company where craftsmen for the production of custom-made furniture work and get an exclusive result that will become the perfect embodiment of the idea.

3/ You can choose your own materials

What furniture is made of affects its quality, appearance, durability and in many ways how much it will cost. All the details of the finished sets - from the facade and fittings to the number of shelves - are selected by the specialists of the manufacturing company. Of course, professionals do this, but they cannot take into account the individual needs of each buyer. In addition, in an effort to reduce the cost, they select the most budgetary furniture elements, which often do not differ in durability. What is better, to buy a cheap cabinet or table, “like everyone else”, which will retain its original appearance for a couple of years at best, or to purchase custom-made furniture, the materials for which were selected taking into account individual capabilities, needs and tastes? The answer is obvious.

4/ Accurate measurements

Standard layouts, standard furniture sets… It would seem that sofas, bedroom and kitchen sets, created according to one template, should fit perfectly into the dimensions of the room. However, in reality, the interior turns out to be far from functionality, ergonomics, practicality and aesthetics. As for the planning of country houses built according to individual projects, the purchase of a ready-made kit can completely disrupt the harmony of a space specially created for the habits and lifestyle of the owners. Custom-made furniture is also becoming the best choice for those rooms where every centimeter of space is worth its weight in gold. Each item of the set, created according to the author's design, will flawlessly "stand" in its place and transform the room.

5/ Delivery, assembly, guarantees

Turnkey custom-made furniture is not only an exclusive design and high quality, but also an impeccable service that provides maximum convenience for the client. A manufacturer that values its reputation always gives a guarantee for its products, approaches work creatively - takes on the implementation of any ideas, no matter how complex they are. The company provides delivery and assembly services. The customer does not have to spend time and nerves on installation or look for third-party specialists.

How will our interaction take place?

We have organized the process so that you are sure of the result at each stage of the project
01/ Request

The first step is, of course, contacting our company. You can call, write to messengers or leave a phone number and we will call you back.

067 285-20-55

Enter your name
Enter your contact phone number

By submitting this form, you agree to the processing of personal data in accordance with the privacy policy.

02/ Measurement and calculation

Pre-measuring. Drawing and discussion of the project. Cost calculation.

03/ Agreement

And when you understand what your furniture will be, we conclude a contract and make an advance payment.

04/ Measurement and production

Our specialist travels to accurately measure not only the room itself for furniture, but the paths to it (doors, landing, elevator), so that later, during installation, all panels can be delivered to apartment.
Next comes the final design of furniture. After the drawings are transferred to the workshop for production and manufacture.
When the furniture is ready, all components are carefully packed for shipment to the customer.

05/ Delivery and installation

In order for you to feel comfortable using the furniture, and all its components are in place, the level of installers is important. We have been working with our specialists for many years and we are confident in the quality of their work.

Wood in Loft

Visit our showroom:
Ovidiopol road, 7
hypermarket «Sixth Element»

Working hours:
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The key task that we solve is the subordination of space to man. It is this understanding that gives the result that our customers are satisfied with.

2008 year
of our studio

furniture projects

The beauty and charm of any interior is almost always determined by the beauty of cabinet furniture. We can safely say that this is the foundation of design.

Wood in Loft

Любовь Зайчук, Профессиональный архитектор-дизайнер

Designer Lyubov
Professional furniture designer, author of many cabinet furniture projects


Didn't find an answer?

We have collected all questions about our work and furniture on the page

1. How to order furniture?

There are three ways to order furniture:

You can start with a preliminary calculation. You send us a project or the dimensions of the room and a photo, a description of what you want, our designer prepares a commercial offer for you, then a visit to the showroom or our representative comes to you. You choose the materials, we prepare the project.

You can call our specialist for a professional measurement and consultation if you have nothing. After consultation on the basis of measurement, selection of materials, we prepare a design project.

You can come to our showroom to discuss everything with the designer and choose materials.

In the process as a whole, before the conclusion of the contract, there are three processes, this is calculation, measurement, selection of materials. Without these stages, we are not going to conclude a contract.

There are clients who have a design project, they know what they want, as a rule, cooperation with them begins with a calculation.

There are clients who do not have a project, no dimensions, but a room. In this case, it is better to start with a consultation and measurement.

If you are working with a designer and there is a finished project, in this option we move on to the discussion of materials and consultation.

2. How to find out the cost?

The cost is individual depending on several parameters of the size of the room, materials and fittings, and the complexity of the design. You can write to us, we will promptly prepare the calculations.

3. Does a specialist visit the object?

Yes, we have such a service - contact us to find out more about it.

At the conclusion of the contract, the amount for the measurement is subtracted from the total cost of the contract.

Our specialist will come to you at the agreed time to take measurements of the room, consult on ergonomics and help with the choice of materials. Based on all the information, the designer will prepare a design project

4. Do you have a showroom?

Yes, there is at:

Ovidiopol road, 7
hypermarket "Sixth Element"
fourth hall

Working hours:
Seven days per week
from 11:00 to 18:30

5. Production time?

Depends on order quantity and materials.
Average 20 to 45 business days. The exact date will be indicated in the commercial offer.

Our contacts

+38 067-285-20-55
+38 066-281-85-99

Ovidiopol road, 7
hypermarket «Sixth Element»

Working hours:
Seven days a week
from 11:00 AM до 6:30 PM